Drake Chronicles Contest and Blogging

The new Drake Chronicles trailer will go live this Monday May 9th, I don’t have an exact time but it will be just as soon as possible, at my website http://alyxandraharvey.com/drake-chronicles-contest/

Until then, take a peek at the contest prizes and rules below:


*A minor character in one of the later Drake Chronicles named after you! You get to choose if you want to be a vampire or a vampire hunter…

*The first 3 books in the Drake Chronicles ‘Hearts at Stake”, “Blood Feud” and “Out for Blood”

*Drake Chronicles buttons

*A Drake Chronicles tote bag

*A Notebook from here: http://shop.cafepress.ca/drake-chronicles with your choice of logo.

*An ARC of “Haunting Violet”


*Share the link to the trailer (available Monday) on my main site--NOT on livejournal--- (again not until the trailer debuts please!)

*Post link to trailer on Facebook or Twitter (…) for 1 point

*Embed trailer in your blog/website for 3 points

*You MUST share the link to your post in the comments to THIS page, so I know you’ve entered

*While my contests are usually international, I’m afraid this one is only open to Canada, US and UK due to postage costs. Sorry!

I'm also phasing out my lj use. I'll be posting on my main website www.alyxandraharvey.com to keep things in one place and also because i kinda hate the lj ads now layered on the friends page.